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Tsogt Otgonbayar (OTO)

I grew up in the Mongolian highlands, surrounded by many superstitions. The Shamanic view towards the circle of life or life cycle and its eternal chain with the universe.

Traditionally Mongolians believe that once a body dies it will return to nature. We will become involved in the process of feeding animals and plants when we pass away. It is the process of returning what we took from nature and uniting with it. The belief in a spiritual return of a loved one and the passing of life to the next generation are intimately connected in this chain. Our existence is fragile but eternal.

It gives me the impression that we are formed by pieces and parts occasionally dismantled and puzzled in certain ways but connected through the spiritual world. Knowledge goes from generation to generation.

As an artist living in the contemporary world my heart is delicately balanced between superstitious beliefs, tradition and modern knowledge of the world.

My pictures reflect straddle contemporary and traditional beliefs about the life cycle. As such the objects in them have a tendency to get dismantled into parts and pieces, puzzles reconstructed around them, like the life cycle and the circle of life. I don't concentrate on the emotional, figurative details but rather on the structure.

Objects drawn on the canvas appears as a mixture of the figurative and imaginary forms of either exposed or deformed figures.

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