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Botanical artistry contemporary Japan Exhibition

Dr Tatsuaki Oyama

1976 Born in Tokyo

Present- Tohoku University of Art and Design, Cultural Heritage Conservation Research Center

(Japanese painting, paper conservation and restoration Researcher and lecturer)

2009 Tohoku University of Arts and Design, Institute for Conservation of Cultural property (Postdoctoral fellowship)

2007 Bunsei University of Art, Fine Arts Department, Japanese Painting-Nihonga (Assistant 2008-present)


2006 Tokyo University of the Arts (PhD conservation of Japanese painting-Nihonga)

Solo Exhibitions

2009 Ginza Morita Gallery

2003 "L'Espoir", Ginza Suruga stand Gallery

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Nihonga-Japanese Painting expressions “Sakka no Kotoba”, FEI Art Museum Yokohama

2014 Annual Inten Open Exhibition, (’13 ’12 ’09 ’08 ’04 ‘03) Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2002 “Saikou-Inten” 87th Annual Open Exhibition, (’03 ’05 ’07 ‘08 ’12) Tokyo Metropolitan Museum

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