OTO ( Otgonbayar Tsogt is a London-based visual artist)

Botanical artistry contemporary Japan Exhibition

Junko Kosuge

Lives and works in Japan

1977 Born  in Ibaraki, Japan


2000 BA in Japanese painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Trois Fleches, Toride, Ibaraki

2003 “Ippu ” Mito Gallery

2001  “Ippu” Mito Gallery


Selected Exhibitions

2011-2015 “UI Exhibition”  Ozu Washi Gallery, Nihonbashi

2013-2014 Junten, Asakusa  Marumikyoya Gallery

2010 “Futura Japonesa Actual in Spain” La Cerveraina d'Art, Spain

2009 3rd Annual Hopi & Zuni artists show in Japan

          2nd Annual Hopi & Zuni artists show in Japan

          Genkoan Temple commission for mural, Shizuoka

2006 Flowers Exhibition,  Ozu Washi Gallery, Nihonbashi

2004-2008 Shijiho-Kai, Towa Gallery, Ginza

1998 Two person exhibition, Nakazawa Gallery


2005 Artist-in-residence in Hopi & Zuni Reservation, Arizona, USA